We’re an organization that is passionate about innovative ideas geared towards the development of Africa. We express our creative spirit through Collaboration, Learning Process, and Concrete Actions—from the sole idea that in order to solve the most urgent issues in Africa, we should count on ourselves first and work collaboratively.

But while we enjoy the challenge of bring new change in Africa through this platform, we’re even more passionate about creating a meaningful true leadership among the young talented Africans from the diaspora.

We have a strong believe that everyone is gifted with a particular talent. If we work collaboratively, we will have an even greater impact in our action. That sets CONSEQUENTIAM apart. In our commitment “To bring young Africans together and to inspire them to come up with innovative ideas geared towards the development of Africa.”, we maintain a highest interest in our mission and seize the challenge to make it a reality. That’s why we have the desire to expand CONSEQUENTIAM to all Africans and people who love the mother continent, and assess their pluridisciplinary and complementary fields of studies and knowledge. We’ve made a step of a giant since the first Innovation Forum back in 2014, and we look forward to see more innovations in the way we work to bring people together.

Surely, our journey is ongoing. In 2014 we began from a simple and direct observation of the dynamics of talented young Africans students who study in different fields. It has continued as we have grown into a big organization that strives to play leadership and reaffirmed position in innovations by young Africans. It will endure in the future. We are introducing new events that can take us few miles closer to our goal. This is a challenge in itself as well as an opportunity for grow. We will continue to entertain the highest ethical standards and refusing to compromise on the issues that matter most to CONSEQUENTIAM and people working with us. Our belief in the goal of CONSEQUENTIAM makes up who we are. By nurturing our values, commitment and acting with purpose, we continue to evolve to make CONSEQUENTIAM the number one collaborative platform for innovative ideas which plant the seeds of concrete actions and solving the issues in Africa.


CONSEQUENTIAM is the delivery room for the birth of new, powerful, and fruitful ideas. It is a platform for the African diaspora to come up with innovative ideas geared toward the development of Africa. We have the burning desire to make change happen in the world and we are convinced that we have the potential to do so. But more than anything else, we agree with Paulo Coelho that it is "part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions." Therefore, we have deemed it necessary to create this open space of collaborative work where we can gather to discuss and share ideas that can have lasting impacts on the development of both individual African countries and the African continent in general.

Every year, CONSEQUENTIAM strives to bring together young Africans who strongly believe that the development of Africa is strongly bound to the willingness of every single African to step forward and lead with conviction toward a more courageous positive change. Change indeed comes from different sources, including the sharing of discussion panels with seniors to better understand how we can make things different.