【Africa Explorer : A series of knowing Africa events】

Culture: Those Diligent Africans in Taiwan Many Africans lived in Taiwan due to diplomatic relationship or exchange students project. Besides time for work or study, do you know what else they're doing in Taiwan? We're so happy to invite these two young and talent friends, Dumile from Swaziland and Moise W. Convolbo from Burkina Faso, to share they're plan or career with everybody on September 25th. We cordially invite you to join this series of WowAfrica events.


Dumile, a beautiful Swaziland woman, came to Taiwan with family 15 years ago. She combines elements from two different culture, Swaziland and Amis who is one of Taiwan aboriginals lived at East coast of Taiwan, to build up a fashion brand with unique design. Moise W.Convolbo, a PhD student from Burkina Faso, chairman of Consequentiam which is an African Organization. He invites Africans living in Taiwan to bring ideas back to Africa and encourages them to innovate.

  • Event datetime: September 25th, 1:20PM - 5:00PM
  • Event location: Duckstay Hostel. (No.316, Kunming St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City.)
  • Transportation info.: Longshan Temple MRT Station, Exit 3.
  • Ticket is required for all the event.
  • Show your e-tickets of event to the staff at checking counter.
Types of tickets:
(1)Single ticket for NTD.300
(2)Tickets for two people for NTD.500
(3)Ticket package for 5 events for NTD.1000.

Taiwan Rotary International

Taiwan Rotary International is looking for international (African preferably) young people (student, not older 30) to be project leaders a rotary events in Taiwan. Your skills and good behavior count a lot. You will be able to make proposals to be in charge for organizing part or a whole activity for Rotary. You will receive human and financial support if needed, and all benefits for being a participant of rotary international. Interested fellows may send their CV and cover letter to : opportunity@consequentiam Stay tuned with CONSEQUENTIAM for more opportunities.

Consequentiam Recruiting Some Volunteers

Hi everyone. Consequentiam is recruiting some volunteers for the 3rd editon of the Innovation Forum. Those volunteers will be our Consequentiam Ambassadors. If you are interested in helping the team in Taipei, just click on the link for your application. If you have any question concerning the event or this volunteering program, feel free to contact us. Good luck.