One Thousand And One Ideas For Africa!!!
    One Thousand And One Ideas For Africa!!!
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This program is all about looking at young African leadership as a whole and realizing that every little piece of the puzzle contributes to its success. The program aims to help to sharpen the leadership skills when it comes to how as a young African you can make your way to the top. At CONSEQUENTIAM we believe that the first step in making changes is to build strong leadership skills and acquire tools that enable you to tap into the potential of today and future opportunities. We invite experts in Economy, Geo-politics, Global leadership and Diplomacy to share with you many valuable insights to get you started. Come and join us on this exciting journey as we empower ourself and the people around us to become the change makers in our continent.

CONSEQUENTIAM is an annually held conference. Our goal is to create a framework of discussion in order to find innovative solutions to the problems that are underpinning the development of Africa. We believe that transformation comes from actions and actions come from right knowledge. Sharing ideas and collaborating is then an ultimate path toward transformation. To achieve that goal of transformation we invite people from various area of studies and professions to share their ideas through a series of presentations. Every single person can bring a change to the life of others if he is willing to. We invite you then to join us and share your ideas and make a constructive impact.

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CONSEQUENTIAM is the delivery room for the birth of new, powerful, and fruitful ideas. It is a platform for the African diaspora to come up with innovative ideas geared toward the development of Africa. We have the burning desire to make change happen in the world and we are convinced that we have the potential to do so. But more than anything else, we agree with Paulo Coelho that it is "part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions." Therefore, we have deemed it necessary to create this open space of collaborative work where we can gather to discuss and share ideas that can have lasting impacts on the development of both individual African countries and the African continent in general.

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We are proud to announce the 4th CONSEQUENTIAM Innovation Forum,#CIF2017, which will take place in Taipei on the 10th of December 2017. The topics discussed includes but are not limited to: Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Transportation systems, E-government, Gender Equity, Youths and Employment, Green Energy...
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“The goal and vision of Consequentiam is exactly one of the golden step young Africans leaders need to take - We must Get Together; We must Rise Together; And We can Achieve Together. Let's us get together to start building the future of our African countries”

Jules Dossou AzatassouYoung African Leader From Benin / USA

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